It’s been a while since I last had a pair of overhead headphones; with the guys over at Maplin giving me the chance to try out the Sony MDRZX330BT, it would be rude not to put it through its paces.

To give it the full name, the Sony MDRZX330BT Bluetooth Wireless Headset is an absolute beauty to look at and has a sound quality to match the exterior look and feel.

Best thing is they don’t cost the world and undercut some of their competitors by quite a lot.

Let’s get the rundown of the Sony MDRZX330BT:

Look and Feel

With a matte black overhead band with a speaker section akin to a vinyl record, it’s a definite nod to the past.

In terms of weight, the headset isn’t too heavy at only 150g, which is basically unnoticeable when on your head, packed away in luggage or around your neck.

In terms of build quality, they feel sturdy enough although I’ve concerns that an overzealous teen might snap the headband in haste; in the same vein, it does ensure the MDRZX330BT doesn’t fall off with ease.

Sound Quality

A real bugbear of mine is when headphones promise the world but deliver very little.

Here we have a subtly styled and unbecoming headset that boasts impressive 30mm speakers, a snug fit and ‘Goldilock Zone’ noise cancellation, whereby you can hear just enough with the sound off.

This allows you to hear the clear treble which isn’t overpowered by the bass. To ensure the best quality I had to run a sound optimiser through my phone (my main source of listening).

Recommendation: ensure Spotify is downloaded in high quality, for optimal performance.


The MDRZX330BT boasts a range of premium features one would expect from a more expensive product.

You get 30 hours of playback on a single charge (with a USB 2.0 charger), this is likely to give me around two weeks between charges, if not longer!

The speaker sections rotate at a 90° angle, allowing them to be easily stowed in a bag (when not around your neck).

They have Near Field Connectivity (NFC) allowing easy connection to an NFC device – like my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

You’re able to answer calls through the headset, without having to use your phone.

Best of all, you’re able to skip tracks and alter volume by way of pressing the easily laid out buttons on the right speaker. Perfect when you’re out-and-about (aka. At the gym).

Pricing vs. Competitors

Although the Sony MDRZX330BT should be considered a low/mid-range headset, the quality is impressive; that’s when compared to my most recent pair of Beats by Dre EP.

In terms of price, the MDRZX330BT will cost just £59.99, compared to the Beats £89.95 – a clear difference in price for a very similar product.

Overall Analysis

Perfectly pitched and subtly styled, the MDRZX330BT headset is a definite option for those searching for a quality headset with a reasonably small budget.

Yes, it lacks the brand name of Beats, Bose and Sennheiser but it’s a damn good attempt from the electronics giant, as you’d expect.

At just £60, they’re a bargain for the quality you’re getting.

Thinking of grabbing a pair for yourself but have more questions? Ask away in the comments section, or tweet me at @JayWicksUK