So I may not have any leather-bound books but I do have a Snakehive leather-bound phone case for my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – and you know what? It’s a thing of beauty.

Founded eight years ago (when the iPhone 3GS was top of the range), Snakehive pride themselves on their high-quality phone cases for pretty much every phone brand under the sun, with a huge range of designs and materials.


The case in question is the Dark Tan Leather Shell Case¬†and just look at it – beautiful! There’s a definite feeling of quality as you run your fingers across it.¬†Best of all, it smells of rich leather.

Made from top layer leather with a strong frame, it’s not only sturdy but it’s durable to boot!


It’s proper easy to fit and doesn’t seem to want to come off without the necessary force, which is ideal.

The case has all the right crevasses in all the right places for you to dock, charge, turn up or turn off.

With a couple of card holders on the back, it’s perfect for those who are always in Costa and need easy access to their Costa Card, even a Boots or Nando’s Card will fit. Perfect really.


Prices range from £6.95 for pouches; to up to £22.95 for the wallet style cases. Which to me seems like a bargain considering Snakehive is one of the most reputable sources of phone cases known for its quality at the core.