I’ve yet to venture into the world of Bluetooth speakers, so when Cobra Electronics offered me the opportunity to try out their AirWave Box Speaker, I jumped at the chance.

Yes, you heard me right, Cobra Electronics.

I remember these guys from years ago with the ever popular Snooper devices that sends an alert when in the vicinity of a speed camera – well, now they’re diversifying!

Cobra Electronics

Yes, they still make the speed detection devices, but along with Bluetooth speakers; you can get sat navs, portable power banks and dash cams.


Cobra Electronics

The AirWave is a robust piece of kit; chunky and durable, the casing reminds me of the old Nokia 5210 and I guess it has the same sort of mantra.

Not just waterproof but buoyant and submersible, the AirWave is made for those who are outdoors a lot.

Understood that not necessarily will be sat next to the pool all the time when using it, but if you’re working outdoors the AirWave means you don’t need to worry about a spot of rain.

Let’s face it, this means you can sing along to Adele in the shower like never before.

Sound Quality

Cobra Electronics

So, the x2 3 watt speaker output means absolutely nothing to me.

At full volume it kicks out a decent sound, too loud to hold it to your ear (yes, I’ve tried).

There’s a decent treble to it and it have as much bass as you’d expect from two small speakers; you can see them vibrating about (yes, I’ve looked).

All in all, I’m impressed with the quality. It’s not Bose, or even Beats, but it’s a powerful Bluetooth speaker that fits in your hand.

Setting Up

Cobra Electronics

Easy as:

  1. Turn on your Bluetooth on your phone
  2. Scan for devices
  3. Hold down the play button on the speaker whilst it’s turned off
  4. Find the device and pair

The device will tell you it’s connected (yes, literally tell you).


Cobra Electronics

The AirWave has play/pause and volume controls which work fine but I fear they missed a trick by not including forward/back controls.

The speaker has a 10 meter range, so you can easily leave your phone charging whilst taking it for a shower with you (but remember you can’t change the song).

You can spend as long as you like in the shower too, with a 10 hour playback time and 120 hour standby time.

Calls are easy to route through the speaker as long as it’s connected – answering and cancelling calls can be done by pressing play – simples.

It’s damn portable too, fits in the palm of your hand, like a small kitten. Only louder.

Cobra Electronics


The Cobra AirWave is a decent piece of kit; priced at £49.99 it can be considered mid-range and with the added durability of some of its competitors this speaker will no doubt be around a lot longer.

Would I recommend getting one? For sure, if you lead a pretty active lifestyle and need something that won’t break at the sight of a little water.