With the latest fitness grind taking a grip of my life, I was in dire need of some half decent headphones that can withstand the running that’s about to ensue over the coming weeks and (with determination) months.

After seeing Man For Himself wearing some Bluetooth earphones I asked him to see who and what they were, at which point I was introduced to Anker.

This Chinese owned gem of an electronics producer targets three main markets: power banks, sound and mobile protection – smart move, no?

Anyway, these beauts produce three levels of Bluetooth headphone, so being the forever frugal little chap I am, I opted for the base model, the Soundbuds Sport and have been trying them out for around a fortnight.

I’ve been so impressed I thought it be somewhat appropriate to spread the word of what could be, a market leader in what they do – let’s take a look!

Anker Soundbuds Sport

Price – 5/5

I was literally shocked when I saw how much these were, and with delivery through an official Amazon merchant account with trusting reviews I knew it was legit.

At just £13.99 plus delivery, they’re an actual steal.

Anker Soundbuds Sport

Usability – 5/5

These things are made with the end user in mind.

A handy carry bag, magnetic buds and the cord all scream quality but only enhance the user experience.

The Soundbuds Sport are even fully functional to take calls, with the volume and power buttons acting as controls.

Anker Soundbuds Sport

Fit – 4/5

I’m so fussy when it comes to earphones, so when it came to trying out the Anker Soundbuds Sport I was surprised at the choice of fittings available, especially for the price.

With three sizes of bud and clip, it’s difficult to fault Anker here, but like I said, I’m fussy and the right bud does come loose every now and then in the medium fit.

Anker Soundbuds Sport

Battery life – 4/5

Anker report these Sportbuds have a relatively decent lifespan of 8 hours of playback before they require recharging.

So far in two weeks, I’ve been using the Soundbuds Sport for around an hour a day at a decent volume and I’ve only had to charge once in this time – impressive!

Anker Soundbuds Sport

Quality 4/5

So far so good right? Well, I kid you not, it gets better.

The Anker __ sound fantastic when inserted properly. There’s a great amount of bass and treble, especially at mid/high levels.

At lower levels there is a bit of background white noise, as I’ve experienced with other Bluetooth earphones, it’s all about finding the balance between volume levels on the player and Soundbuds Sport.

Anker Soundbuds Sport

Overall – 4/5

These Soundbuds Sport really are fantastic, before you even factor in that price tag and sound quality.

What’s stopping the Soundbuds from getting a perfect score? Well, the fit and sound quality could be better but they far exceed their price tag in every aspect.

Will Bose, Beats and Sennheiser be quaking in their boots? No, because they’re too busy trying to out do each other, whilst visible gaps in the market open up for Anker to sweep up, or at least I hope so.