Football, I bloody love football. I also love marketing, so when I saw what Audi were getting up to with Bayern Munich in its latest collaboration, I wanted to get involved!


In the video, Bayern stars are pit against each other in 2v2 scenario to scout New York for people they think would fit in their team, with the Bayern team mates split with Thiago and Boateng in one team, Ribery and Vidal in the other.

Now, which five people would I choose when #PickingTeams?


This is an easy one, without a shadow of a doubt I’d pick myself… Ha! Let’s face it, I won’t have much to do with the team assembled below.


Five a side games rarely have a strict structure with all players needing to occupy space when necessary, that being said I’d feel a lot more comfortable knowing I haveĀ JohnĀ StonesĀ andĀ Sergio Ramos ahead of me.

Without a doubt these two players would be just as comfortable in midfield and can both pick a pass.


I’m only left with two, so I’ll need a midfielder who can do it all. A few names come to mind but none better thanĀ Paul Pogba.Ā I would have consideredĀ Luka Modric but his size lets him down, Pogba is an absolute beast and is an absolute allrounder.


So, which striker has played in defence and midfield, has bags of pace and a killer shot? Oh, he’s British too:Ā Gareth Bale.Ā Yeah, I may be bias being a Tottenham fan. Yeah, I remember when he was woeful in defence. But, look at him now. Bale can defend, read a game and score from anywhere. Without a doubt an absolute shoo-in.

Check out the video