So back in March I wrote a Guy Guide on how to live alone and it just so happens that November 1st is my one year anniversary of living on my own!

OK so, I’m fully aware that at the age of 28 I’m by no means the youngest person to have ever hit this milestone – I know it has taken me a little while to get here.

Trials, tribulations and the small matter of going to university four years after finishing college factor somewhat.

The transition from sharing to living alone was actually pretty easy for me, I relished having my own space and the freedom.

Yes, there were lonely moments.

Yes, I was lazy and got take out A LOT.

Yes, sometimes I left the hoovering a little longer than I should have.

Ultimately I’ve had more control over my own life in the past one year of my life then I ever felt like I did, but did I always have this control? God, yes of course I did.

Maybe it’s just taken me living here on my lonesome to actually come to this realisation.

I’ve never been so settled in my whole life and you can’t put a price on that.