So here we are. One year into blogging and actually still going, what even is this level of commitment!

All joking aside, I’ve found this muse to go from an escape to a hobby to a passion, I just only wish I had more time for in my life. I want to take this opportunity to look at where it all started, what’s happened, the good, the bad and where I hope things will go.

How it started

The beginning of 2016 was a difficult time for me, I found myself gambling heavily, hardly sleeping and eating unhealthily to boot; I’d lost all perspective and had found myself seriously stuck in a rut.

I just needed a distraction from everyday life and to do so I thought being able to  focus on a project over a long period of time would help.

With thanks to a little gentle encouragement from Hayley, who runs Tea Party Beauty, I transformed my old website from a derelict wasteland of old content and ideas, to a blog with my own personal branding and flavour.

How it developed

I’ve constantly found myself wanting to improve upon what I had, which lead me to completely redesigning my blog come the end of October 2016, with help from my friend, colleague and fellow blogger, Dan, from The Modern Web.

Not only did this structural change take place, but I also updated my branding and logo to the signature I currently have now.

The good?

As I had hoped, the ‘Project Blog’ was the welcome distraction and kept me much busier than I’d expected, the gambling came to a stop and the control came back to me.

Being able to start photographing for my blog posts has been so much fun, taking inspiration from others whilst trying to retain my own style has been challenging but I feel like I’ve found a niche. 

I’ve loved getting to know fellow bloggers and seeing their journey progress. Albeit small, the male blogger community is fantastic; there’s a huge amount of comradery and like-minded individuals who’re all on a similar path trying to reach their goals.

The bad? 

Honestly, I’ve found it so hard to find the time to be consistent at posting by creating content on a continuous basis.

Seeing the fantastic stuff some similar bloggers are putting out there, I do know I need to step up my game but often need to remind myself I should work to my own limits and not feel downhearted for not keeping up with the Kardashians. 

This might be a weird one, but I’ve found it difficult to build the courage to share my blog with friends on Facebook, however this post will be going out on Facebook, so hey to you guys (please don’t be too critical).

Where next?

Well, I’m keen to look at and really hone my ‘niche’.

Reviews have been quite common over recent months and as I’m keen to keep on reviewing, I also want to build on the other aspects of men’s lifestyle including: fashion, advice, haircare, life hacks, tech and gaming.

I’m so happy with the look and feel of my blog – the next thing to improve will be photography and the amount of effort I put into proofreading (sorry Bryony).

Here’s to the next 12 months!