Fashion and writing are two of my greatest loves – so here starts the ‘Ways Jay Styles’ series. This time around we are looking an absolute staple for 2016, the bomber jacket.

So budget is a big deal for me – so I usually buy multi-function items of clothing, fit for all scenarios and functions. This is where the bomber comes into its own. They’ve become so popular in fact, they get a special mention inĀ the Google Fashion Trends 2016.

The ideal bomber has toĀ be hardwearing yet comfortable for most situations, whilst also giving enough room for layering and not being baggy when worn with a tee.

Let’s look at three ways in which you can style your bomber jacket…

Casual – Ripped Jeans Style


So here we have it, men’s fashion in a nutshell for 2016.Ā So simple yet effective, this Beige Bomber Jacket/White Tee/Black Ripped Jeans combination from Maniere De Voir, is so easy to getĀ right. Maybe that’s why so many guys are going for it.

Alas, when it looks good – itĀ looks good!


When topped off with a black shoe too, you’re giving giving length to the legs. Perfect when coupled with a long line tee, or for those a little consciousĀ of their height aha...

Patches, not patchy


I am, without a doubt, a fan of patches on bomber jackets. Whether you’ve bought a bomber and want to customise with something you feel represents you or buying a pre-patch number like this beaut from SixthJune.


Patch bombers are 100% casualwear and affords you the luxury of wearing those plain white tees, just sitting in your wardrobe. The trick is not to confuse the outfit too much, so let the bomber and patches do the talking, the rest of the outfit should consist of neutral colours.

Faux Fur, duh…


This minor roundup wouldn’t be complete without mentioning two things:

  1. Zara
  2. Faux fur

Box ticking heaven right here.


Faux fur, even when in detachable mode like this Flight Bomber, are back with avengence this autumn. The beauty of it is when that you can dress up a faux fur bomber, purely based on the fact you look fabulous in fur, and even more so because it’s faux.