The guys over at Vitabiotics have put together their very own scoring matrix to give your lifestyle its very own score out of 100.

The idea is to point you in the right direction and make lifestyle changes where necessary. Having completed my own Wellness Score, I came back with a decent score at 70/100 which places me in the very good range, apparently.

In truth, I expected a much lower score than this due to the lack of exercise, with the constant promise of going for a run or heading to the gym. Pesky life pressures and excuses crop up all over the place.

The metrics

So the Wellness Score itself is compiled from answering some very simple questions:

  • Amount of veg, protein, and carbohydrates you eat on a daily basis
  • Hours of exercise you undertake per week
  • Sugary treats per day
  • Glasses of water per day
  • Units of alcohol consumed per week
  • Hours of sleep per night
  • Cigarettes smoked per week
  • Times you visited the doctor/called in sick in the last year
  • Average number of minutes mindfulness per day

It’s quite sobering to consciously write down the above intake values; not something I track on a daily basis although I’ve absolutely seen the benefits in the past.

Making the changes

I am keen to make lifestyle changes again, with the main focus on getting much more exercise than I currently do.

Whilst being short on time (or maybe not using my time effectively), I’m keen to fit in short bursts of activity along with improving my diet.

By meal planning around planned HIIT (high-intensity interval training), along with other LISS (low-intensity steady state), such as running and swimming. I’m aiming to triple the amount of exercise I get a week, on top of my weekly badminton sessions.

Despite a higher end score, I’m absolutely keen to improve my current state and start to feel well and in turn, improve my very own wellness score.

How do you fit in exercise around a busy schedule? If so, does anything suffer in the pursuit to feel better?