Following up from my previous two blog posts on how to write the speech and being the best, best man, I’ve been working with the lovelies over over at House of Fraser, home to a selection of suits and tailoring, to give our six super tips on what to look for when choosing your wedding suit.

1.   Bland is so 2006

Yes, the big day is usually about the bride, but don’t be scared to get out of your comfort zone. Colour scheme permitting – it doesn’t always have to be bland.

Make yourself feel a million dollars and I can guarantee that all eyes will be on your new bride whatever you choose!

2.   Tux it up

If you’re anything like me, wearing a tuxedo will be a very rare occurrence, this could be your chance to go all out.

How you mix it up is usually considered traditional to wear after 12pm. White tie, tails and suspenders – you’re onto a winner there, son.

Personal recommendation, go for the Notch Lapel, and go for a cummerbund or a waistcoat but never both.

3.   Work, work, work work

Some of your may have the choice of wearing a suit to work every day. Great, so you know the score and you have an idea.

Think outside the box and make it different, this will be a once in a lifetime experience.

4.  Don’t be too precise

Matching the colour scheme too precisely will lead to you looking somewhat amatuer-ish.

Find colours that complement one another instead.

5.  Accessorise!

Once in a lifetime experiences should leave you feeling special, accessorise yourself better than Tony Stark.

So, what are the choices?

  1. Pocket watch – nothing wrong with this old world gem
  2. Cufflinks – you’re going to need some they might as well be special
  3. Handkerchief – look to complement the theme, as I said before
  4. Belt – please say this is matching your shoe colour
  5. Shoes – wear them in before the big day, you’ll easily cover a 10k distance

6.  Fit to size

As a rule, taller and shorter framed men look better in different types of tuxedos:

  • Short and slender?
    • Double breasted tuxedo jacket with a reverse double-pleated trouser
  • Short and stocky?
    • Tuxedo with a shawl collars, trousers as above
  • Tall and broad?
    • Shawl collars again, but be wary of the length, do your fingertips meet the end of the jacket? If so, good
  • Tall and slim?
    • You’ll look good in any type of tux, double breast is best though
  • Tall and muscular
    • Go for a two button shawl collar, it’ll give a slimming effect
  • Athletic
    • See a specialist

The Guy Guide: Pick the Perfect Wedding Suit