The road to building long-lasting and fruitful relationships with clients takes time and effort but ultimately will be worth it in the long run.

Strong relations with clients equals more understanding and makes it easier to approach them whenever difficult situations arise; in this post, I look at hitting the ground running to taking them to the home of rugby.

Let’s start with building the foundations:

Making a Good First Impression

When you’re first introduced to a new client, it’s important to get to know them.Ā  A simple check on LinkedIn will help find out some information about your new client – mark down any common ground (if any) and be prepared to come up with some questions or mention it in passing.

Can’t find any common ground through your stalking? Then you’re naturally onto step two…

Asking All the Right Questions

Whilst in the beginnings of the working relationship, pick up the phone and don’t hide behind your emails.

Telephone calls breed conversation and it’s always good to get your questions in early before going into the more ‘mundane’ work stuff.

Ask what they did at the weekend or the evening before. Be friendly where it’s appropriate to try and get more information from them and retain it for future use; it might be something as simple as their kids’ names or ages – try and relate to them if you can and build the rapport wherever possible.

Thanking Clients for Their Custom

One should never forget that clients don’tĀ have to work with you, of course, there will be reasons as to why they work with you but the key is to makeĀ you one of the reasons.

Simple gifts, such as flowers or chocolates do so much but you can always go that extra step and host them at special events, such as taking them to the rugby at Twickers!

What you’re looking to achieve is building the relationship with the client at a mutually enjoyable location (just in my case it would be the rugby!)