So, I have been challenged by the team over at Tilda to take part in their flowchart and find out what is my ‘dominant energy’…

Together with three leading nutrition and fitness experts in the form of Dr Sarah Schenker, Faya Nilsson and Carole Ann Rice – Tilda has created an easy guide to deal with your energy levels dependant on your need. Think along the lines of a sedentary lifestyle vs. an active one.

Dominant Energy Flowchart

All I have to do is follow the simple flowchart and find my natural dominant energy and top it off – they’ve even provided me some top notch nosh recipes to either optimise your current state, or pick another state and eat those recipes. Simple!

Here goes nothing:

Do I wake up feeling refreshed?


Am I drinking 2l of water a day?


Are there enough hours in the day to get everything done?


Can I easily say no to sugary snacks?


Do you plan and prep when it comes to mealtimes?



High Energy


Interesting – I didn’t expect to come out with high energy but then I read into Tilda’s description of what having high energy actually means:

‘As a generally driven individual you strive for perfection, setting goals. You tend to be very busy in all areas of life.’

Faye, fitspiration blogger says: “High-energy individuals tend to have a short attention span and will most likely enjoy workouts which are high intensity, short and delivery an effective training session, like HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

Well, that’s me down to an absolute T – well done Tilda!? I’ve been planning my meals for the past 8 weeks and have been doing HIIT training, all working towards a more productive and positive me.

I’m looking forward to trying out some of their recipes over the next few days.

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