Morning routines aren’t just handy in my life, they’re genuinely necessary to allow me to function. So let me help you to help yourself with my morning routine.

I can’t confess to keeping to this every morning, but this is the plan which sets me up for the day and at peak efficiency.


Morning routines aren’t possible without a bit of prep, so I always get the following day’s clothes ready, whatever I’ll be wearing to the gym along with my breakfast and shake ready to rumble.


In truth, I don’t remember the last time I had a proper eight hours sleep, I usually function on around six hours; the aim of getting to sleep at midnight and sleeping right through until 6am.


Alright, this may not be healthy but I’m a snooze abuser. I’ll always set my alarm for 6am with the best of intentions but actually get up out of bed at 6.30am.


Now, the only reason I’m up at this time is so I can get to the gym before work. I’m a strong believer that out of courtesy you should always wash before a gym session. I’m not talking about a shower, but a hand wash will always do the trick.

Cold water to the face, dab dry with a clean towel followed by moisturiser quite literally as scientific as it gets at that time.


Early morning workouts have been a revelation for me, getting 60-75 minutes worth of exercise done when usually I’d still be snoozing. Yes, it’s hard to face at that time but afterwards, you’re always buzzing and more prepared for the rest of the day.


The only other way to enhance my morning is but a decent coffee, I’d usually opt for a Smokey Barn bean, perfectly roasted and really fresh.

It’s not decaf, but I do like to keep check of the amount of caffeine I drink – always stopping after midday.

Suggestion: Put a small dollop of coconut oil in your mug, go on, I dare you…


It was only up until about 3 months ago I actually started eating breakfast. I didn’t think it would make much difference but I was so wrong.

Breakfast literally sets you up for the day, gives your muscles the needed nutrients to repair any damage and helps keep you alert.

Suggestion: If you’re struggling to eat in the morning, have a glass of water as soon as you wake up.