Sleep has only been a big deal for me over the last 5 years or so, go back 10 years and I’d happily function on 4-5 hours sleep.

It hasn’t all been plain sailing though, I’ve tried all sorts of different tricks to really nail down the perfect night’s sleep.

Some people find that counting sheep is the way to do it, others saying getting drunk leads to a good night’s sleep. Or if you need a little assistance getting your position right in bed, you could opt for an adjustable bed from the guys over at Adjustable Beds Ltd.

In all seriousness, one of the most important things for me is the routine. It may make me sound like an old man but your body really does get used to doing things at a set time in a certain process.

During the Day

The recipe to a decent night’s sleep actually starts in the day; I always make sure to cut out the coffee from midday, and no cups tea after 4pm. I’ve found this simple but effective when calming the body ready for the evening.


Since starting my 12-week transformation plan, I’ve never slept so soundly.

Early morning gym sessions followed by a day at work mean I’ve never been so physically tired – which ensures sleep is on your mind when early evening comes around.

Mental Tiredness

We are surrounded by blue light, whether that be on a computer, phone or tablet. The trick is to make sure that this light is calmed on the way through to bedtime; this can be done by a using sunset display setting or app which reduces blue light on a display gradually over the course of an evening.

The aim should be to stop using any blue light device an hour before bedtime; although I find these sunset settings work well enough.

Bedtime Shower

Although I don’t often get around to doing this, a hot shower before bed always makes me feel sleepy. Also perfect for getting the product out of the hair before sleep enduring scalp pores don’t clog up.

Worth noting – It doesn’t work for everyone as I know it can wake some people up.

There are some of my tips but what bedtime routine do you have?