I used to hate going to the dentist when I was a kid – there was nothing worse than someone with their hands inside my mouth.

This was most likely due to the fact I had horrendous teeth before I had braces fitted when I was around 13. This was around 18 months of monthly increases of pain as my wonky teeth were brought back into some sort of alignment. These are not good memories.

Now in my late 20s, I’m still not a fan of going to the dentist but I do make sure I have a fantastic electric toothbrush and always ensure the bristles are of good quality.

I’ve been using my Oral B 3000 Series for a few months since moving into my new pad, as it has the right charger for it, I thought I’d make the relatively small investment into my oral health!

I’ve been working with the guys over at ToothStars¬†and putting my Oral B 3000 Series to the test!


So, the 3000 Series is a relatively cheap electric toothbrush, costing around the £30 mark at the time of purchase, which for me is a really good deal. The replaceable heads cost in the region of £13 for four, which works out at £2.25 per brand new toothbrush and lasts about 3-4 months.

Cleaning Power

When I first used the 3000 Series I was actually shocked at how clean my teeth felt after brushing – I’d switched over to a conventional toothbrush for around 3 years and had completely forgotten how good electric toothbrushes are!

Post-brushing my teeth felt so smooth and it left that crystalising feeling in your teeth (before I washed it out).

Ease of Use

I’ve found the Series 3000 a good weight, the counterweight in your hand gives plenty of pressure to against your teeth (and gums of course).


Battery Life

A full charge will give you around 14 brushes, which¬†should last you a week. I’ve tested this theory and the brush does feel weaker by around day 6 and the red battery light on the front does start to flash as a warning.


The brush far exceeded my expectations and my teeth are in much better condition to the point even my dentist noticed an improvement.