Random one here, but here you might have a problem and not even realise – if your eyes are becoming red, swollen and irritated you could well be suffering with dry eye.

Also known as keratoconjunctivitis, those who have had conjunctivitis would understand the pain, although the symptoms are different:

What is dry eye?

  • Dryness
  • Red eyes
  • Crusty eyes when you wake (ew)
  • Temporarily blurred vision, improved when it blinks

Whilst I was at university, I had a part time job as a lifeguard. Quite obviously eyesight is of utmost importance but so many times I was shot down with dry eye syndrome. In short, it’s caused when the tear production is disrupted in some way.

What can cause dry eye?

  • Being in a hot or windy climate
  • Contact lenses
  • Underlying medical conditions
  • Medication side effects
  • Hormonal changes

For me it was working in heat between 38-50°C next to a swimming pool, with intense humidity… Just check out my eyes here:

Dry eye

How to treat dry eye?

  • Eye drops
  • Medication for inflammation
  • Surgery (noo!)

What do the professionals recommend?

Dr David Mantle FRSC FRCPath, medical adviser at Pharma Nord says:

Omega 7 Sea buckthorn oil is extracted from berries of the sea buckthorn plant, a medicinal shrub originating in the Himalayas. It is a particularly rich source of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), specifically omega-7 (palmitoleic and cis-vaccenic acids), omega-3 (linoleic acid) and omega-6 (alpha-linoleic acid), together with antioxidants (tocopherols, tocotrienols, carotenoids).

The PUFAs and antioxidants present in Pharma Nord’s Omega 7 sea buckthorn oil capsules act in synergy to maintain the structure and function of mucous membranes throughout the body, including those forming the outer surface of the eye. In a randomised controlled clinical trial, patients with dry eye syndrome given Omega 7 as an oral supplement (2gm day for 3 months) showed a significant improvement in symptoms.

So if you’ve been suffering from dry eye for a while and can’t shift it – it’s worth trying Omega 7 Sea buckthorn oil to help get rid of it!