We all know the score, pre-Christmas television starts to ramp up, initiated by the start of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

This year, like most other years, I’ve watched the series somewhat religiously. Sitting down for 60-90 minutes of entertainment and borderline celebrities doing disgusting things to earn rewards by way of food or letters from home. This year, however, we’ve seen disgusting behaviour added to this.

There’s been outcry since Dennis Wise, Jamie Lomas and Amir Khan have all been shown ganging up on Iain, citing it was banter and if he couldn’t handle it he should simply ‘jog on’.

Granted, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Iain Lee when he went into the jungle, playing a character of himself and by doing this, alienating himself from his future campmates and some of the viewers¬†in the process.

Dig beneath the surface you start recognising Iain’s initial bravado and subsequent emotional moments as a man who is battling depression, taking anti-depressants whilst in the jungle and suffers from anxiety.

Iain’s Plight

Why he speaks to me and so many guys out there is because he doesn’t conform to the lad culture surrounding him, as I watch with unease as he’s taunted whilst all along, struggling with his own demons inside his own mind.

He doesn’t shy away from showing his true feelings, proving that real men do cry and not all men are out of touch with their emotions.

The sad fact is that we currently live in an age where the most likely cause of death for men between the age of 20 to 49 is due to suicide. 

I hope that by watching Iain’s struggle in the jungle there will be people out there who can take solace in that they don’t need to conform and that they are not alone¬†however isolated they may be.