Following on from my ‘Be the Best: Best Man’ post, here is my guide to conquering the nerves and delivering a best man speech of epic proportions.

Having been the best man to one of my best mates last year so trust me when I say, I know what you’re going through.

To kick things off let’s get the boring bit out the way. Below is a¬†simple structuring for your speech, this serves as the base content in and around the funny anecdotes:

  1. Introduce yourself (most people in the room won’t know¬†who you are)
  2. Explain how you know the groom
  3. Thank the organisers
  4. Read out messages from guests who couldn’t make it
  5. Compliment the bride 
  6. Thank the bridesmaids
  7. Finally, toast ‘Mr and Mrs [Surname]

So, you’ve got these must-dos down for your best man speech, now to get fluffy with the content.

  1. Do the groundwork and research
  2. Find stories about the groom you might not know about from: work mates, family, or sports team mates
  3. Once you’ve written your speech, rewrite it, constantly evolving it until every line serves a purpose
  4. Practice makes perfect. The more practice you have the more confident you will be and the better you’ll sound
  5. It’s OK to be nervous, guests watching you will have seen it all before and know what to expect
  6. Come up with your own gags – finding¬†‘best man speech jokes’ on Google will¬†lack the personal touch and it’s plain lazy
  7. Before your final toast, your final line  should carry the most punch and is what people will remember you for Рmake it count

Words of warning:

  • Don’t swear
  • No smut
  • Don’t talk about previous sexual experience
  • Keep to your¬†script
  • Don’t be too exclusive (no ‘in jokes’)
  • Talk slow, nerves will speed you up naturally
  • Have a couple of drinks if you need it, but don’t over do it
  • The best man speech is for the groom, but it’s the bride’s big day

The Guy Guide: The Best Man Speech