There’ll come a time in a man’s life where they have to fly the nest (or are pushed), it’s not easy having being trusted into this new way of life so this is my guy guide to living alone.


  1. Know your budget, what money do you have coming in vs. what will be coming out. It’s a simple equation and if you’re left with nothing, then it’ll be time to scale back
  2. Bills come before anything else, as much as you’d love to put off paying that gas bill. Red letters have a negative impact on that old faithful credit score – it’s in your best interest to keep it high
  3. Ask yourself: ‘do I need it?’ – if the answer is no to this question, then please restrain yourself from those suede Chelsea boots you’ve been eyeing up for three months
  4. Keep some cash back, a rainy day fund has never hurt anyone and it’s always best to have a bit squirrelled away
  5. Credit cards aren’t the devil, they actually do help increase your credit score as it proves you’re trustworthy (should you not abuse it)

Handy resources:


  1. I won’t teach you how to suck eggs here; yes you need to eat, but don’t think every day is treat day!
  2. Plan your mealsĀ a week (or two weeks) in advance
  3. Make a list, sounds simple but it saves you so much cash
  4. Don’t shop all in one supermarket, it’s absolutely fine to get your meat from Lidl, some brand names from Sainsbury’s and you can even get a treat from Waitrose (IF YOU NEED IT)
  5. Don’t go shopping hungry, yes you will order more than you need
  6. Eating out is a treat – keep it as such
  7. Bulk cook your meals in one evening if you have time – there’s nothing worse than having to cook every night, for yourself. Just make sure you can freeze your meats and defrost the night before
  8. Doubling or tripling recipes mean you can have them for lunch and dinner – seems weird at first but you get used to it


  1. You will appreciate everyone who has ever doneĀ your cleaning for you
  2. When you start living alone, you’ll quickly become blind to mess and dirt – try and ask yourself if it would be acceptable to bringĀ someone home to (someone you’d want to impress anyway!)
  3. Set times in the week to get tasks done, bathroom deep clean should be a weekly one
  4. The kitchen is another area that HAS to be kept clean (should I need to say that?!)
  5. As your on your own, you could probably get away with hoovering once a week
  6. Bed sheets, every week please – the bed bugs most definitely will bite
  7. Dusting; yes that dust is your dead skin my boy (ew)

Being alone

Yes okay, I’m expecting a lot of you guys to be thinking, well duh – I know I’ll be alone. Truth is, you’ll never have had THIS much alone time.

As great as that might sound, it can easily become habitual so make sure you keep yourself busy and get out the house.

I hope some of you find this guide useful – if there’s anything you’d like to add, whack it in the comments below!