So, every¬†Friday I’m going to give you five things I either love, hate, watched, cooked, ate or did.¬†As this is my very first Friday Five I’m going to start with¬†LOVE,¬†because everyone needs a little positivity!

So here goes:

  1. I’ve totally just got into streaming TV, late to the party I know but kinda accidentally purchased Amazon Prime and loved the accessibility of it and now have Netflix too. Absolutely¬†loving House of Cards right now, I’m ploughing through series one as I type. Not usually a fan of Kevin Spacey but his role is deviously divine and unyieldingly resolute
  2. Totally starting to notice the lighter evenings which I absolutely¬†loveI cant be the only person that uses the time I¬†leave work as a gauge as to how light it’s getting?
  3. This is like a long love affair for me, but I can’t get enough of Black Label Shape Paste¬†–¬†never has a product sorted my hair out and smelt so edible
  4. The next one is my family – recently had some very amazing news which I can’t really talk about but hey – good news
  5. Lastly, is another Wicks, Joe Wicks (aka. The Body Coach). No relation unfortunately but this chap has transformed my thoughts on dieting and helped me plan ahead and actually live healthily – one stone down, so it must be working

So there we have it, my very first Friday Five!

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