With the majority of this summer being an absolute washout and Cornwall being set up for outdoor activities – box sets are the perfect fallback when entertainment is lacking.

With that in mind, I’ve done some painstaking research by watching hours of pay to view TV purely for this blog post (OK, that’s a lie but plenty of hours have gone into this). Let’s take a look at my suggestions:

The Killing – Netflix

This dark and brooding four season box set is based partly on the widely acclaimed Danish TV series but set in the US.

You follow Seattle-based Homicide Detectives Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder as one case, in particular,¬†affects the already emotionally unstable Linden as she’s driven to find the answers whilst dealing with her own demons.

Over the course of the four seasons, you see the two detectives grow in so many ways as answers constantly elude them and you become more and more invested in these two well played lead characters and also the poor victims’ families.

House of Cards – Netflix

When I first sat down to watch House of Cards, I got about two-thirds of a way through episode one and stopped because I couldn’t get into it.

Fast forward a couple of months and adverts for season four were doing the rounds and I couldn’t resist trying it out again and I am SO GLAD I did.

Kevin Spacey plays a terribly good politician who is evil and charismatic in equal measure, you watch as he fights his way to the top of the White House, along with his wife, Claire.

If you start watching this series, just stick with it. Trust me.

Designated Survivor

When an entire country’s government is wiped out, there’s only one man¬†left to take charge. Kiefer Sutherland is simply fantastic and unrecognisable from his Jack Bauer days.

This epic 21 episode season is longer than I could have ever expected, it was just episode after episode of this gripping drama. Thankfully my prior research whilst watching House of Cards meant I roughly understood the American political landscape.

Thankfully, season 2 of Designated Survivor will be releasing on Netflix mid-September

The OA

If you’re in need of something a little-left field and damn right weird, check out The OA on Netflix.

A young blind woman returns after regaining her sight and somehow that isn’t the weirdest thing that happens. The end of season one leaves you with questions and season 2 returning in early 2018.

Props to Jason Isaacs in this series that keeps you utterly gripped with his multiple personas.

The Walking Dead

Personally, I feel as though I’ve saved the best until last here because AMC’s The Walking Dead is simply fantastic.

Based on the comic books of the same name, you follow county sheriff, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), as he wakes in a¬†new world, where the undead roam the streets. Worst still is that the undead isn’t all you have to worry about…

Now onto the 7th season, with 8 only around the corner; there is plenty here for you to get through.