There’s a point in life where we look back at our childhood years and reminisce that ‘life really wasn’t that bad‘. When the bills start coming in, your wages are vastly depleted on payday thanks to those outgoings. Welcome to the real world, it’s time to budget.

Yes, some people are lucky enough to have that middle-ground stage where they have a load of disposable income and hardly any outgoings, thanks to kind (or forgetful) parents. This applies to you too, little do you know this is the best time for you to save, honestly.

So, I thought I’d tell you why I’m good person to be shedding out this advice but also a handy tool to download and use yourself!

My experience

OK, so before my life in digital marketing, I was a bookkeeper.¬†For three years I worked through my AAT qualifications and did a hell of a lot of learning ‘on the job’. You’ll actually find that you look after someone else’s money more carefully than your own.

So, needless to say I know my way around a spreadsheet (or Google Sheet) and by living by simple rules, you can turn frivolous to thrifty in no time, but you have to live by simple rules…

Do you need this?

Ask yourself when planning to spend some cash, can you live without it?

If the answer to this¬†very simple question is yes, then don’t splash the cash. Of course, it’s easier said than done but humans are creatures of habit, so do it enough times you’ll get used to it. Trust me.

What are your outgoings?

I’ve had meetings with the banks in a professional and personal capacity and I’ve been shocked at some of the stories I’ve heard. It seems that there’s a culture of head burying when it comes to finance and it needs to stop.

Total up ALL OF YOUR EXPENSES, anything on a standing order, a direct debit and regular payments – write them all down.

Income, too…

In most cases this’ll be coming from one sources, should you have more than one form of income (including benefits etc.) include these – they’ll help your balance sheet at the end of the day.

Spreadsheets, glorious spreadsheets!

I am such a fan of spreadsheets and despite now working in a creative industry, I love to get hold of data and statistics. So, what better way for me to help you than to provide you with your very own budget planner! All you need is Excel!

get your budget planner

Hopefully, these simple things can help you on your way to budgeting properly and entering the real world prepared.