I binge watch more TV now than I ever have done, so naturally it makes sense to announce my Binge of the Month.

This month’s winner is: House of Cards

I started episode one of HoC back in January and only got about 20 minutes into it before I found something else to watch.¬†My first impression was that it’s¬†slow and my lack of knowledge for American politics was just going to make it drab with a sprinkling of ‘Googling what Chief Whip means’.

Well, after finishing my binge watch of Battlestar Galactica I needed something a little more down to earth, with HoC was just sat in my previously played begging to be restarted. It was almost as though Kevin Spacey was lying on a chaise lounge enticing me in with his index finger.

For someone who hasn’t watched HoC, that last sentence a little weird, provocative even. Not exactly what you’d expect when you think of¬†Kevin Spacey, especially when playing an American politician – but that’s how good an actor he is, my perception of him has changed.

You follow the story of Spacey’s character, Francis Underwood as¬†Democratic Majority¬†Whip, as he strives for power to achieve his goal to become the President of the United States – no mean feat.

I won’t give too much away but although the first three episodes are a little slow, they set the groundwork for what is one of the fastest paced¬†shows I’ve ever watched. Never have possible repercussions been well entwined into the fabric of the story-telling.

Drama, intelligence, guts, love, anguish, fear, comedy and lust, HoC has it all and it’s worth the effort to pay attention and follow the storyline and maybe Google some of the references because if you’re British – it’ll alien to you.

I leave you with a quote of Frank Underwood’s that I absolutely adore, the writers of this show are truly magnificent. Add this to your binge watch list.

Frank Underwood Binge Watch