As I sit down to write this, I’m little over a day away from turning 28. An age for which I never really prepared for.

I’m not sure where the past decade has gone but at the same time I somehow can’t even remember turning 18. It’s weird how your mind works.

Until my teenage years life was easy for me, but from 13 it was a rollercoaster ride which has shaped me and made me the person I am today. The hardships in life can truly make you, or break you.

So in an attempt to impart some of the wisdom I have gained through trial and error, below I’ve listed 28 realisations learnt over my 28 years:

  1. Life will throw shit at you
  2. You will need to deal with that shit
  3. Don’t let it define you
  4. You should never think life owes you something
  5. Maintain a strong moral compass
  6. Don’t waste time on those undeserving
  7. Do invest time in those you care about
  8. If it doesn’t feel right, then that is OK
  9. You shouldn’t be made to feel guilty about your feelings
  10. Talk about your feelings
  11. Take the initiative when you have a desire
  12. Ensure your goals are attainable
  13. Be realistic with your timeline
  14. It’s OK not to be OK
  15. Don’t complain and not change things
  16. A good friend is worth one hundred acquaintances
  17. Trust should always be earnt and not demanded
  18. Be yourself, don’t pretend to be someone you’re not
  19. Always add perspective to stressful situations
  20. Money cannot buy you happiness
  21. Be proactive
  22. There’s nothing wrong with being alone
  23. Be honest with yourself
  24. Nobody deserves unlimited chances
  25. Don’t let anyone drag you down to their level
  26. Uphold high standards
  27. Don’t fear seeking advice
  28. Never air dirty laundry

They might not seem important, nor all that outrageous but they are merely 28 rules for which I stick by, life principles in a way…

28 Realisations