Many chaps may remember a sensationalist headline touting that the beard is coming to an end, which of course I disagree with (hence this post).

I’ve been a yo-yo beard grower since I was able to connect my beard to my moustache – which came far too late for my liking.

Alas what gets my goat(ie) is the incessant need for respectable publications spitting out tripe akin to BuzzFeed or Mashable; often created with the intention of causing a stir and getting valuable eyes on overly obtrusive on-page adverts.

Now, I hear you asking, ‘what about the BEARDS?’

I can’t argue with the fact that beards are now in decline. To say that the beard is going to die out? That’s just outrageous.

What the past few years have done is made the beard more socially acceptable; we talk about our beards and how to take care of it and those moments you get the coffee cream on top lip, or the Big Mac sauce dripping down the side.

The extraordinary advancements in beardology, with the now huge range of beard care products on the market and advice on how to get past those irritating stages of itching (you can do it!!).

What I’m trying to say is, don’t listen to the Indy when it comes to whether you grow a beard or not. Listen to your heart, look at those double chins, detract from the fact you’re receding and go get yourself beard oil and balm and DO IT.