Fantastic product quality, responsive service, and cool branding – Cornerstone is on track to be big.

On first impressions you’d be forgiven for assuming that Cornerstone is already an established brand, however it is only two years old!

It may not be a common name in the shaving game yet, with the big multinational brands gaining plaudits over the decades. It’s clear to see from the outset that the Cornerstone brand ethos and product quality mean that it has huge potential.

CornerstoneBorn from crowdfunding, user numbers are growing close to 100,000 – as Cornerstone tears former brand advocates away from the ‘known brands’. Whilst other don’t know what they’re missing.

The Six Steps to a Balanced Shave

Many of you who follow my blog will know that I don’t ‘shave’ though I do tidy around the edges with a razor, I’ve always kept this to a cheap disposable razor (often leaving me cut in those areas).

Without further ado, let’s look at the following six steps to a balanced shave…

Step 1 – DeliveryProcessed with VSCO with f1 preset

Right, I understand that delivery technically has nothing to do with a shave, but what it does mean is convenience.

Like with any mail order product you’re given a frequency period based on the amount you shave, like so:

  • Shave daily? You get a Cornerstone box every 6 weeks
  • Shave 2-4 times a week? You get a box every 12 weeks
  • Shave once a week or less? You get a box every 18 weeks

It’s as simple as that! What you get within the box now is completely up to you, but the next 5 steps will hopefully help you decide.

Step 2 – The Razor


Yes, those are my initials on the handle!


So with every first order, Cornerstone will engrave your handle with your initials. How cool is that?!

The handle itself is petty weighty and oozes craftsmanship whilst also easy to control as it glides.


It is truly a thing of beauty.

Step 3 – The Razors


I can remember when hinged razor heads became a thing. I recall seeing it was the closest a man could get.

The Cornerstone razors blades aren’t hinged but they are oh so flexible, allowing for a damn close shave, especially when coupled with the 5 super sharp blades and a layer of Aloe Vera to sooth.

These blades are great!

Step 4 – Pre-Shave Face Scrub


The coupling of cedarwood and volcanic sand makes for the perfect scrub to help release ingrowing hairs (strike!), unblocking pores (strike two!) and lifting away dead skin (turkey!).

There’s something a little odd about smearing black paste over your skin, but the results are fantastic.

This is for use in the shower, before shaving, ideally on wet skin (well duh – you’ll be in the shower).

Stage 5 – Sensitive Shave Gel


Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know I’ve got pesky sensitive skin, so knowing that Cornerstone default products all cater for sensitive skin is a relief!

Ginger and eucalyptus are combined to protect, rehydrate and help reduce irritation during shaving (should you be so unlucky!).

For use post-shower/pre-shave (obvs).

Step 6 – Sensitive Cooling Post-Shave Balm


I’m a keen user of post-shave balm as a moisturiser (as I know a lot of people are), so I know what this stuff is all about.

To refresh and moisturise, we have mint and honey extract and it smells so fresh but you can really sense the honey in there.

For use post shave after washing your face with cold water to close your pores.

End points

Cornerstone is no fad, it’s not a flash in the pan. I believe it’s the real deal (along with 90,000 other people). At just £30 for one box – it’s truly worth trying just the one to see if you like it. If you do, then there’s that option of the subscription – perfect!