I’ve been through a fair few hairstyles. I’m constantly changing it going from an undercut, pompadour, fringe or quiff – it’s a never ending cycle.

Always keen to try new styles and products, when Fish of Soho got in touch to try out their new Superfish range, I jumped at the chance. I’ve always been a fan of their putty – the smell is unreal and texture top notch.

I was able to try out their Medium Hold Wet-Look Effect Gel and Hardcore Hold Fixing Hairspray!



Now, I’ve used my fair share of gels in the past, especially when trying out a side-parting but I always found gels to set my hair too hard and looking greasy.

Slickfish is different, this baby is able to hold your hair but remains light and airy whilst also being wet-look. The perfect compromise.

Now, we all know these Soho guys create great smelling products, it’s what really made me sit up and take notice. As you can rightly imagine, gel is different to clays and putty so it smells like your standard gel. That being said, it’s a small price to pay!



I’m an absolute hairspray advocate, but I’ve been through so many products that constantly let me down. Now let me be clear Fishsticks will not let you down. This hairspray will keep your style rocking all day long.

Whether it retains the wet-look when use with Slickfish is another matter but, I actually prefer my side-partings to be slightly more natural than a full on wet-look, so perfect for me!

If you want something that says wet-look, simple thing to do would be to apply more wet-look Slickfish.

The result?



Want to get your hands on some Soho Superfish – get onto their website!