I’ve never really considered what’s actually going into the grooming products I use and when I look at the labels I can barely read some of the ingredients. Simply Soaps are different and let me tell you why…

For UK-based Simply Soaps, grooming products are more than just the end result, the process and their keen ability to stay close to their key values.

You know for a fact that when a brand has the core message of ‘100% organic, 100% of the time’, they mean serious business. These guys won’t allow anything that’s not 100% organic into their product.

They have a fantastic ethos, whereby they source everything from the UK; so they’re aware of everything going into their products and are proud to support other British businesses as a byproduct of their USP.

Best of all, their products are handmade. No two bars will ever look the same yet have 10% the same content, and of course, properties.

Simply Soaps were kind enough to send over a couple of samples for me to take a look at and I’ve been taking a look.

Beard Oil

On the surface, the Simple Soaps Beard Oil is like any other, but it’s when you open the lid, there’s a genuine earthy smell that’s immediately apparent.

There’s no powerful perfume, yet the beard oil is as good as any high street brand I’ve used; the oil doesn’t make your beard feel too greasy yet gives it more weight, thus more control.

Shaving Soap

In honesty, I didn’t know what to expect from this having never used shaving soap.

I have to admit, it’s different from the gel that I usually use but there’s a definite lather that moisturises as you apply and it didn’t leave any irritations after shaving, which is usually the case for me.

It does just smell like soap but to reiterate, this stuff is organically sources and local. This is like the grooming version of a Michelin meal sourced from the bush (kinda…).

Final Thoughts

I’m a strong believer that ideas can be very powerful. Simply Soaps not only have an idea but they’re forming a brand, raising awareness and supporting the local economy in the process. It’s hard not to be a fan.