The guys over at the UK-based male grooming behemoth, ManCave, are clear in their message: To supply natural grooming essentials which are created as a natural defence for man.

Noble, some might say. Other’s could say it’s just a gimmick. I am, to be honest, very much in the first camp – you can get sucked into a brands’¬†ethos from the branding and its messaging, but dig a little deeper and cracks form.

This is where ManCave is different. Their products aren’t only masterfully put together using natural extracts tailored to the needs of the modern man, but they do so without using any parabens, sulphates and petrochemicals and¬†they’re not tested on animals.¬†Result.

I’ve been putting a few of their products through their paces over the past few weeks to see if the products themselves are actually up to the task.

Lemon & Oak – Shower Gel

Not many people will get excited over shower gel, but hey – I’m not ‘many people’.

Any regular reader will know, I love lemon. So this Lemon & Oak number is for me, amazing. It smells like a mix between a lemon cheesecake and an oak sideboard.

In all seriousness, it’s a quirky yet moreish smell and it lathers up a treat!

Texturising Hair Paste

On first impressions, it smells like cocoa or chocolate smelling hair product, with a soft consistency.

The fragrance is actually¬†whisky, but I hate whisky and love the smell of it. In terms of hold, you don’t need much for full hair coverage and it dries to a matte finish.

It doesn’t do too well in the rain, but what paste does, really?

Sensitive Face Wash

With an essence of cucumber and aloe vera; the post-wash feeling is cleansed and not chemically battered.

There’s no drying sensation and instead, your face feels fresh and smells lush.

Sensitive & Protective Moisturiser

I’ve been absolutely in love with these two, not only do they smell great but neither has caused any outbreaks in spots (which can so often happen).

The Sensitive moisturiser is my go to before bed and Protective in the morning as it has the SPF20 coverage, so I know I’m covered for a period in the sun too which is just a bonus.


The brand, what they stand for and the quality of their products all add up¬†to be a force to be reckoned with in the male grooming scene. I recommend all of the above products. They’re top class.