As a guy, we don’t have as many cosmetics choices as the ladies, but anti-perspirant of some form or another is a must for almost all men.

Yes there’s the deodorant vs. anti-perspirant debate but for me, anti-perspirant does the job of stopping you stink and sweating less, whereas deodorant just masks the stench of a hard days work.

(I also cba to use both)

I’ve gone through my fair share of using the likes of the mainstream brands like: Sure, Dove and Nivea for Men, but I’ve found that they’re all pretty poor at lasting a working day, let alone the 24 or 48 hours they claim to be able to achieve.

It’s been a few years since I used to use Lynx Africa after playing sport at school and have never even considered using their¬†anti-perspirant – so after a friend recommended them to me I thought I’d give them a shot!

Lynx Urban (Advanced Protection), Lynx Black and Lynx Dark Temptation.
The three I wanted to try were the (L-R) Lynx Urban (Advanced Protection), Lynx Black and Lynx Dark Temptation.

I’ve been using the products over the past month individually trying them all out on different days with different situations – trying to gauge which one performs best. Let’s have a look at how each one performed:

Lynx Urban (Advanced Protection)

anti-perspirant urbanFirst thoughts, as a branding exercise this product definitely strikes me as higher quality, for an older demographic. Less for the teens but more the 20+ males.

The initial smell on as you spray¬†leaves a sweet smell – borderline feminine which definitely isn’t a criticism from me since I actually prefer the women’s Sure¬†anti-perspirants.

After it’s been on a while however the undertones really set in and you’re left with a subtle smell for the rest of the day.

By ‘the rest of the day’, I mean it’s still really evident after a long day, just before bed – which for me, is perfect!



Lynx Black

Similar thoughts with regards to the branding on the Black, as I did with the Urban – clean, crisp and subtle.

Initial spray on is again subtle, like the Urban but this time the tones are much more masculine, a definite hint of orange (some of you will know, I’m a fan!)

By the end of the day you’re left with a sweet smell that just doesn’t try too hard. You’ll find yourself getting whiffs of it through the day, thinking ‘oh, that’s a nice smell’ and realising it’s yourself!

As powerful as Urban yet a nicer smell.



Lynx Dark Temptation

Dark TemptationBranding wise – this style is now the ‘black sheep’ of the family. Whereas the other two are more subtly, Dark Temptation gives hints of Lynx Africa of old. Definitely marketing to a younger demographic with this one.

The lack of subtlety and full on abrasiveness doesn’t stop there, this sweet and spicy fragrance leaves you smelling akin to a hot chocolate. Which I somehow think is the point…

In honesty this is a try hard and it’s definitely not for me. It also lacks the staying power of the previous two.

Style over substance in my opinion.



I may not have given any of the three a 10/10 but I think there’s always room for improvement, especially when considering I’d give Sure and Nivea 3/10.

Interested in finding out more about Lynx, you can find it on their website.

Lynx Anti-Perspirant