Understated, classy and ready for any occasion, Cedrat from L’Occitane is the most amazing citrus fragrance that every guy should own.

L’Occitane’s may not be well known in the men’s fragrance department with only a small selection of premium products, but they have really outdone themselves with this latest men’s fragrance.

Fresh and delicate that gently mixes citrus with mint effortlessly and of course, there’s that cedar/woody undertones.

Without a doubt it stays with you throughout the day with the occasional waft every now and that’s definitely NOT a bad thing.

Having worn Cedrat over the winter, but I can’t help but think this fragrance would be perfect in summer with its fresh scent.

The box may be in-keeping with the rest of the Cedrat range but the bottle itself is akin to Chanel Allure Sport – solid and robust.

Overall this scent is perfect for me, as regular readers will know I’m a huge fan of citrus and L’Occitane is now well and truly engrained on my must-have list.