In a world more accessible than ever, you can now get monthly subscription boxes for tea, bacon, cheese toasties and wine – you name it you can get it delivered to your door.

Then there’s Gentleman’s Order – mail order male grooming…

The Gentleman's Order

Whether you’re sporting a big-ass beard or clean shaven, these guys have a plan for you.

Myself, looking to grow my beard out again, I opted for ‘The Bearded Gent’ package.

The Gentleman's Order

The length of beard defines how often you receive your package – these go in increments of four, six and eight weeks.

So the longer the beard the more often you should be receiving your package.

What do you get?

In the bearded package you get three key essentials to beard grooming: beard wash, beard oil and the infamous beard comb.

The Gentleman's Order

The wash and oil are supplied by the brilliant Dapper Duke, both coming in a molten marshmallow scent which is utterly divine.

The Gentleman's Order

The Kent tortoiseshell beard comb is small but so is my beard – it’s the perfect size for me at the moment, although I doubt I’d be needing one of these every eight weeks.

Is it any good?

The Dapper Duke wash is great; it leaves your beard feeling fresh and clean. The fragrance stays with you through into the mid-afternoon. Although I wouldn’t wash it every day.

The beard oil, helps to enhance that amazing molten marshmallow smell but also controls those whispy bits with the help of the comb provided.

The Gentleman's Order

What’s the cost?

Cost depends on your Gentlemen’s Order frequency, of course – choose to have a delivery every four weeks, it’ll cost twice as much as if you had it every eight weeks

The Gentleman's Order

Each Gentlemen’s Order of ‘The Bearded Gent’ will set you back £27.99 (with free delivery), which is marginally cheaper than buying The Dapper Duke products individually and does save you from having to head down to the shops.

There are cheaper oils and washes on the market but for ease and convenience this is a great alternative!

My one criticism is the lack of choice – although it’s worth remembering that they’re only a year old but I hope so see more brands being added to Gentlemen’s Order in the future.