Brands are always looking to get an edge over their competitors, flaunting their unique selling points with gusto, something EvoShave will know a lot about…

Over the years there have been many brands willing to step out and try something out of the norm, with varying levels of success. Think how Dyson stepped away from the conventional vacuum with a bag to offer the first ‘bagless vacuum’, well EvoShave may not be at that level but they’re giving it a damn good go.

What’s is all about?

In an industry demanding long, metal and chic, here you’re presented with stubby, plastic and different (in simple terms at least).

Made in Germany, the EvoShave comes with dual edge blades rather than the conventional inline and as such, demands a different shaving action not dissimilar to a ‘come hither’ action with your fingers.

In truth, the action takes some getting used to and requires special attention when shaping areas of the face making the EvoShave more suited towards a full face shave where no intricate detailing is required.

Quality of shave

Once you’re accustomed to the shaving style, the actual shave quality isn’t half bad especially when you remember there’s two blades rather than the four or five blades.

Thankfully, the EvoShave remains clog-free throughout your shave which is a massive plus and they get through relatively long stubble with ease.


The one standout thing about the EvoShave is the price:

When compared to some of the other razors on the market, this is fantastic value for money!

Final comment

Will EvoShave have the same impact Dyson has had? No.

However, it’s so good to see a brand trying to breakaway from the norm and serve up something different and no different in quality at the respective price range – hats off to them!