It’s been a long while but finally, I’ve managed to get around to reviewing Britain’s #1 skincare brand, Elemis.

The luxury skincare brands Time for Men range has been around for a little while now but this is the first time I’ve had the pleasure of putting it to the test myself.

I’ve been trying out both the Elemis TFM Deep Cleanse Facial Wash and the Daily Moisture Boost from the guys over at Mankind.

Elemis TFM Deep Cleanse Facial Wash 150ml

So, this might be the very first face wash I’ve tried that is comparable to honey – this stuff slowly oozes its way out of the bottle onto your hand.

Unlike other deep cleansing face washes on the market, it doesn’t leave your face feeling dry after use. In fact, it actually leaves your face feeling healthy and without the grease.

The deep woody fragrance coupled with a tinge of mint gives a somewhat manly aura whilst also waking you up first thing in the morning!

At £20.00, this might be more than your usual face wash but trust me, you don’t need to use much per wash, so it definitely goes a long way.

Available from Mankind now.

Elemis TFM Daily Moisture Boost 50ml

I’ve absolutely loved this moisturiser since I started using it, it’s perfect for the warmer summer days but would be equally as strong in the winter winds.

It’s a quick drying, non-sticky, light moisturiser that has pretty much no discernible fragrance whatsoever. After just a week of using in the morning and evenings, I’ve found my skin smoother and less greasy through the day.

With a high-end price point of £30.00, this is definitely worth the cash if you have the disposable income, you can grab yourself a bottle from Mankind.