There’s a first time for everything and on my first time of buying Clinique Happy for Men fragrance, it seems somewhat fitting to do a review.

You’d be easily mistaken into thinking that Clinique Happy for Men is one of the latest men’s fragrances around however it has actually been around since 1999 – but don’t let that age fool you, it’s been around for 17 years for a reason.

Clinique Happy for Men


A cooling yet crisp scent with a definite hint of citrus, those who saw my previous review for Black Label Shape Paste will know that citrus will always be a winner for me.

Top notes of: lemon, lime Mandarin orange and sea notes accompanied by cypress and cedar base notes, leaving you with a ‘just showered’ feel once you put it on.


It lasts around 4-5 hours on which I personally think is great considering the subtly of the fragrance.


From the Clinique website you can pick up the 50ml and 100ml for £36 or £48 respectively, but you can get the cheaper from high street retailers.


Clinique Happy for Men is subtle yet distinct scent for a gent set to impress.