My hair is the literal bane of my life and the only time I’m ever happy with it is when I’ve just woken up and by some freak accident it’s looking spot on (these moments aren’t very often).

It’s not the cut, the cut is perfect. It’s my hair and the product(s) I use; I swap and change so much¬†I don’t give them the chance and never get use to working with them. So I was dubious when I bought Black Label, recommended by a friend who has equally unruly hair.Black Label Shape Paste

SO, what do you get?

The containers looks sizeable but it doesn’t look like a huge amount of product inside (50ml) – but I was over this disappointment in about 0.0045 seconds as the lemony smell hit me and I was in LOVE.

I’m a fan of anything citrus and would choose a lemon cheesecake¬†over chocolate any day – so having¬†this gorgeous smell quickly put the amount in the tub¬†to the back of my mind. Lemon Sherbet FTW.


Applying to wet hair was a mistake, at the time I was keen to have a wet look crewcut. The product would stick and my hair looked matted and was so hard to comb out.

Take two: After blowdrying on a medium heat/power combo shaping my hair into a pompadour style, embracing my matte look and only using a pea-sized amount of product sparingly, starting from the sides before giving the front some lift РBlack Label took control so quickly and before I knew it my hair was set.

This is odd considering the website states¬†you can re-style – this definitely wasn’t going to happen but the product was strong enough to not need it.

Final Thoughts?

I’d definitely go for this Black Label Shape Paste again, not only for the amazing lemon sherbet smell, but the way it controlled my hair so well – where other products have failed massively.

You can buy it here.




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