If you were to say the words ‘Big Boy’ and ‘Sicily’ you’d be mistaken for thinking of either the Mafia or Mount Etna… Well, add skincare to that list, thanks to Big Boy Skincare!

Italians, Massimiliano and Andruis moved from their homeland to the UK in their teens and were instructed at TONY&GUY but after a coming together in 2015, where Big Boy was founded.

The guys over at Mankind were kind enough to send over a few of their products over to me to give them try!

Shaving Gel

Big Boy Shaving Gel

I’ve always been quite clear that although I’m never clean shaven, I’m happy to try out products based on the little amount of shaving I actually do.

So, if you were going to take the scent of ‘man’ and put it into a bottle then this is what the end result would be…With subtle tones of Aloe Vera in what is a generally spicy smelling clear gel, it makes it easier for me to see where I need to shave and where I shouldn’t.

My razor glides through and my skin feels soft to touch post shave too.

The cheapest of the three products I’ve been looking at, £19.99 is more than your average high street shaving gel, but let’s face it – this is more than a high street shaving gel!

Soothing Drops

Big Boy Soothing Drops

I’ve got a lot of time for soothing drops, these beauts prevent my skin from becoming raw and sore.

Big Boy Soothing Drops

The drops themselves smell almost edible with a hint of almond, when used after shaving they calm any irritants and smell great!

Priced at £24.95, these drops will be an investment to any men’s grooming cupboard, especially those who are shaving regularly, and at 30ml you’ll be surprised how much use you get out of them.

Moisturising Cream

Big Boy Moisturising Cream

The same sweet smell as the ‘soothing drops’ nectar, this moisturiser is SPF20 and should help your protect your skin whilst being out in the sun (unfortunately there’s been little of that for me to try it out).

Not only can it can it protect from the sun, it also acts as an antioxidant thanks to bundles of Vitamin E.

At £36.95, it is the most expensive thing I’ve reviewed but frankly I can see why. My skin is left feeling fantastically firm yet moisturised throughout the day after use, let’s hope we get some sun for me to try out the SPF20 rating soon…