I think we’ve all been frustrated enough with a product to the point where we think, ‘I could do a better job of this’. Well, that’s exactly what Anthony Sosnick did when he set up Anthony Skincare!

Realising there was a genuine gap in the market, Anthony set to work on turning the male grooming industry around and in 2000, Anthony Skincare was born.

I’ve been putting a few of Anthony’s prestige skincare products to the test but before I get into the individual products, let’s set the scene.

The Anthony Ethos

There are some base requirements for me when it comes to grooming products:

  1. No animal testing
  2. Allergy tested
  3. Dermatologically tested
  4. Products that can control my oily T-zone but also hydrate the rest of my face without clogging pores

Anthony Skincare adheres to all of my requirements without exception.

The Products

Anthony Skincare

Packaged in neatly branded boxes, the theme is continued into the products themselves. They ooze a certain elegance and quality, which is great, but does it translate into the quality of the products?

Let’s find out…

Glycolic Exfoliating & Resurfacing Wipes

Anthony Skincare

I have to admit, I have NEVER used exfoliating wipes before. There, I’ve said it.

It does make sense to be able to exfoliate with a wipe, it just so happens I’ve been using a cleansing scrub, but I’m open to change.

From the moment you open the pouch, you can smell the cucumber, it’s one of the more distinct scents the wipes emit, chamomile is also definitely there in force.

These wipes claim to be able to: calm, heal, hydrate, condition, sooth, moisturise, tone AND renew skin. That’s a lot of things to cover off with one simple wipe.

The thing is, these are two wipes in one – the one side is textured for exfoliating, the other is flat for smoothing. Two in one, yaaah!

Having used the wipes for a little while, you definitely feel the affects shortly after, a mild burning sensation follows exfoliation, subsiding with the use of the soothing side.

The wipes leave your face feeling free of the day’s toil and refreshed. T-zone is left neutralised and the rest of my face feels hydrated – perfect!

Priced at £18.00 per pack of wipes – available from Mankind.

All Purpose Facial Moisturiser

Anthony Skincare

After using the abovementioned wipes, the next port of call is moisturiser!

The Anthony Skincare moisturiser says it will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, which for me is great (I won’t let anyone tell me otherwise).

So, anyone who’s a regular reader of this blog will know that I’m a fan of lemon – which this moisturiser has in abundance. It’s an absolutely terrific scent!

Directed for use around 30 seconds after using the wipes, the moisturised brings a sense of normality to your face. As if ‘the treatment is over’. It’s not heavy, borderline a balm.

Post application, my face is left feeling slightly tight, but not in painful way. Wishing those pesky wrinkles away.

All in all, great product, didn’t bring me up in any outbreaks and left my skin feeling absolutely amazing! Top work, Anthony!

Priced at £29.00 – available at Mankind.

Glycolic Facial Cleanser

Anthony Skincare

More wrinkle reduction, ahoy… all aboard the youth train!

OK, so I’m not expecting this to answer all my prayers but it damn well feels like it will. This stuff is absolutely amazing and will leave your face feeling like a fairy has quite frankly caressed your cheek with it’s wand.

This stuff strips your face of any impurities, quite literally what it says on the bottle. There hasn’t been something this obvious with the products’ abilities since No More Nails.

For use with wet hands in the morning and evening, this stuff has to be part of your routine going forward.

Priced at £26.00 – available at Mankind.


All in all, these three products are absolutely fantastic – there’s no two ways about it.

This level of fantasticness does, indeed, come with a price tag to match. Made for those who demand a high quality of product, you’ll find Anthony Skincare most definitely fits the bill.