So, last week I wrote about how the beard isn’t dying out (yes, maybe is in decline), but I want to focus on eyebrows because to be frank, I am an absolute noob.

I do feel lucky to live in this time; coming from a white male that doesn’t really hold a huge amount of weight I know – but I feel it all the same.

Freedom and equality has been sought and fought in most areas in society and as the more important ideals of the world have been steadily ticked off – there’s the male eyebrow.

What I mean is, over the last decade male grooming and the male species has made strides in being more accepting of each other’s individuality; and for me the main one is eyebrow grooming.

I have only once had my eyebrows waxed, never have I had them plucked. I have absolute monstrosities and I feel behind the times in my own personal grooming and feel it’s time to sort this out.

I’m not talking about reducing them to a Scouse brow but maybe cultivating them and giving a defined shape rather than big big ol’ bushes. 

Where do I start? What do I do? Answers in the comments please!