1. No, I’m not talking about the 1980 film The Shining; I’m talking about Johnny’s Chop Shop – with probably some of the coolest looking products, which have recently been released into Boots.

You’re forgiven for thinking Johnny’s Chop Shop could just be another one of those fake brands made up by the haircare industry; Johnny’s Chop Shop is a legit barbers based in London. If you don’t believe me, check them out on Marshall Street or in Topman on Oxford Street.

When they approached me to try out some of their products I was spoilt for choice — they’ve such a wide range of products from hair cleaning, style and care, to grooming. However, they appear to walk the walk but can they talk the talk when pit against my unruly, thick, curly hair…

So let’s look at what I was able to get my hands on!

Wild Cat – Hair Clay

I use clay about 80% of the time when doing my hair; I find that clay can sort my hair out whether long or short so was keen to see whether the Wild Cat would be able to tame my mane.

To be honest, Wild Cat worked wonders on my hair – it gives an even matte look with a great hold. It was perfect for keeping my curls in check when I had a fringe, but also did equally well in controlling a more sleek look with a pompadour look.

The one thing with the product, unlike others I’ve used is that as soon as you’ve warmed it in your palms it needs to go in your hair straight away. I found using on dry hair has to be done in small quantities and swiftly, this stuff sets quickly.

Johnny’s Fix – Hair Spray

As my hair’s getting longer I’ve been relying on hairspray more and more over time, and I have to admit I wasn’t too sure with Johnny’s Fix. Turns out, I was using too much of it.

Every hairspray has its little eccentricities and this is no different. It turns out that ‘Power Hold’ isn’t just there for show – this stuff really packs a punch and has to be used tactfully and precisely.

Once I’d got into the swing of it I was so impressed with how well it performed. I don’t have the easiest hair to control but Johnny’s Fix really did a job on me. Tackling the summer humidity with ease and no sign of frizz.

Trigger Happy Texturising Spray

I’ve tried high street texturising spray in the past and haven’t been too keen on it – they’ve always let me down when I needed them the most.

Introducing Trigger Happy Texturising Spray, this stuff aims to give a surfer style grit and I can’t argue with that. Trying to lock in tight curls to a fringe can be a pain but I found this stuff to control it easy as pie.

It directs to use on wet or dry hair but I found myself spraying onto wet, then use a hairdryer to set it into place. Its seriously fast acting, like the other products but holds so well and didn’t lose its grip (nor grit).

Hobo Hair – Shampoo in a Can

So, I took the advice of fellow blogger and top vlogger, Robin James of Man for Himself, where he said to stop washing your hair everyday. So, I did just that – I used to use shampoo to get product out of my hair and (wrongly) assumed that water wouldn’t be man enough.

Turns out water is able to get product out of my hair, I saw a huge difference within the first few days and my natural oils made my hair more controllable but, in the same vein it would seem greasy.

Whilst still getting to grips of what my hair schedule needed to be, Hobo Hair was perfect for giving my hair a cleaning blast. In truth, I can’t even compare it to similar products because this is the first time I’ve ever used shampoo in a can.

(but it does smell lush…)

Soul Balm – Moisturiser

I’ve done a lot of soul searching when it comes to moisturisers. I’ve a complex skin type on my face and finding something that can moisturise without making my face more greasy or more dry in specific areas is a ballache to say the least.

The balm definitely soothes post-shave but there was little to stand it out amongst similar products, other than the smell… Soul Balm smells incredible, with Avocado and Jojoba Oils for moisturising and Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel to soothe – what it lacks in distinct moisturising credibility, it makes up in aroma.

Sponsored by Johnny’s Chop Shop: Thanks for the products guys – I’m so impressed with them!