I’m in my late twenties, which may surprise some people as I’m so damn youthful. With age comes the unenviable opportunity of finding the odd grey hair, which is just divine.

Now I think I can cope with going grey, albeit subtly over time. You see the likes of George Lamb who’s going grey young and make the most of the distinguished ‘feature’ until it becomes the norm.

Going grey is one thing I’ve come to terms with, my father turned grey before he was 40 so I’m mentally ready for this.

Two other things that my dad also had were a receding hairline and a pretty snazzy bald patch. Two things that I’m not totally sure I can handle at this stage of my life, but what’s the alternative?

Yes, so I could wear a toupee once things get a little too thin on top. Bobby Charlton never resorted to this and I’m definitely not some kind of token funny man in a 1970s sitcom.

Could I embrace the thinning crown and shave it off? Absolutely not, I love my hair and would resort to a comb over before biting that particular bullet.

Alternatively, I could always opt for prevention over cure (or WHATEVER you call the before mentioned options), with something like Minoxidil2U– which gives apparent results within two months.

The one other option would be a hair transplant (think Wayne Rooney style), which seem to genuinely socially acceptable (after all, it’s 2017).

I guess that the proof is in the pudding, but at very least I’ve more options than my old man did and I don’t have to settle for a sunburnt scalp whilst sunbathing in the Cornish sun.

Are you thinning a little on top? If so, are you worried about how it might look or are you full-blown ready to embrace it?