It’s been over three years since the last time I completely wet shaved, so it’s imperative that I get my periodic beard trim and shaver routine spot on.

It doesn’t take much for a beard to look unkempt and messy, so I’ve put together these really easy tips to make sure your pride and joy is kept in shape (even if you don’t have one of the latest electric shavers Panasonic has to offer).

1. Keep to a routine

Let’s get one thing straight – everybody’s hair grows at different speeds so I can’t exactly¬†tell you when to shave or how often.

That being said, there are some tricks to getting it right.¬†If you have an ideal beard length*, try and match this to your shaver comb, you can do this by simply setting your comb length so it’s¬†much longer than your beard and work your way down. Once you’ve¬†hit the hair, you’re at your desired length so make a mental note to use this¬†comb length¬†going forward.

(*of course, this is if you do keep your beard all at one length).

2. Keep it dry

Both beard and shaver should be dry during your trim for best results. So even if your shaver is waterproof, try to avoid using it on a wet beard and also ensure that the blade is dry before going for it.

3. Fully charged

Always make sure your shaver is fully charged. We must have¬†all been there when you start to hear the blades struggling to get through your beard and you’re left with a half face of fuzz… Best way around this is to either dock your shaver straight after use, or whack it on for a full charge (if you’re not that fancy).

Failing to do this then slower, under-powered blades will actually get caught in your hair to the point where it tugs and pulls Рnot good!

4. Tidy the edges

It’s easy to forget the edges as they’re not fully apparent as you look straight on in the mirror but I always make sure to trim with the shaver head, add a little beard shaving oil around the edges and tidy with a razor for best results.

5. Post shave upkeep

Even though you’re not wet shaving, don’t neglect your face after you’ve had a trim.

There are plenty of post shave balms and moisturisers that can care for both skin and shorter¬†beards after a trim. Check out Percy Nobleman if you’re looking for something like this.

If you’re beard is a little longer then go you should definitely check out the beard oils from The Great British Grooming Co..

6. Shaver care

A lot of people might forget this but your razor deserves a little love too, after all it did do all the hard work. If you’ve got a waterproof shaver then be sure to run it under a tap after you’re 100% finished. Most shavers have their own routines for after use care, so please make sure to check these out before doing it yourself.

Hopefully you found these tips helpful – if you’ve got a routine of your own please put them in the comments!