Okay, so I’ve always been worried I’ve inherited the same follicle genetics as my father. Balding and receding in his twenties and grey in his early forties.

Now I’ve just hit 28 and despite the stresses in life, can safely report I’m resisting baldness, and maybe I’m receding a little, but so far so good. Time will tell as to whether I do turn out like my old man.

What if I did suddenly start to lose my hair, what would I do?

Would I ever consider going ‘under the knife’?

Why the hell not? I consider a hair transplant in the same vein as a boob job or nip and tuck. Then I have to think about the negative reaction Wayne Rooney received after his transplant by the guys over at Harley Street Hair Clinic; one can put this down to the nature of football and the terrace chants. Although I wouldn’t be subjected to this level of mocking, would it put me off?

Hell no.

Hair plays a huge part in my over look; yes, I’ve gone for a buzzcut (albeit 10 years ago…), but I’ve gone through countless hairstyles since. Granted, not all popular but I’ve liked them at the time, this doesn’t stop the genuine fear I have over losing my hair, balding or receding to the point of no return.

What’s with the stigma?

A woman gets a boob job but the negative reaction isn’t there; those who go through with the procedure are often applauded or admired. We can’t control our genetics but we can manipulate it little.

So, you have to take your hat off to the likes of Wayne Rooney and Steven Fletcher who have gone out and got the procedure knowing that it could well be thrown at them on the field. They have however, been shining examples for guys who fear losing their hair.

There is an alternative to the sweep over!

What’s the procedure?

The procedure is called a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), essentially a doctor will take hair follicles form a donor area, usually the back of the neck, then place them to the recipient area on the scalp.

Not invasive at all and done under local anesthetic, you stay awake throughout if you want to!

The procedure only takes a day of your life, with around a two weeks off work to recover – you can continue on with ‘real life’ after around a week though. Costs will range depending on the procedure but finance is available.

You only have to wait around a year to see the full results, so not too long considering this is post-op!

Want to know more about hair transplants? You can check out Harley Street Hair Clinic, London. Here’s a case study from the one and only Wayne Rooney.