For men in need of ultimate skin restoration, there are few better ways to
do it than scheduling yourself in a facial down your local male grooming

However, if you’re pushed for time or your skin’s in need of
immediate attention after a heavy night out, you can master a D.I.Y facial
in the comfort of your own abode and achieve exactly the same incredible

So this weekend, pour yourself a beverage, put your feet up and super
charge your skin’s recovery with an easy to master at home facial. ¬†For
complete success, it’s important to not skip steps or skimp on products.
The building blocks to fantastically smooth, supple and blemish-free skin
include exfoliating, cleansing, moisturising and calming your skin and
here’s how to do each one perfectly.

Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

It might sound like a tired pre-exam piece of advice from your old college
lecturer, but when it comes to your skin – this statement couldn’t be more
true.  Begin by washing your hands and tying your hair back (for gents
with longer styles). before mixing a facial exfoliator in a shaving bowl
to lather it up nicely. ¬†Use Billy Jealousy’s Assassin Deep Exfoliating
Scrub, which you can pick up from MALESKIN for £22.00.

Then, take two towels or flannels and rinse them in hot water, before
wrapping in cling film and microwaving for about 15-20 seconds.  Now
you’re ready to sit back and get your skin firmly on the straight and


Place both hot towels on your face.  The first should cover the lower part
of your face and come up to meet your nostrils.  The second can then be
placed over the rest of your face and end at the tip of your nose,
ensuring only your nostrils are visible.  This trick will essentially
steam your face, open your pores and begin to soften your skin.

After a few minutes, take one towel in each hand and massage them gently
over your face until it’s thoroughly damp.


Now it’s time to apply the exfoliator to your face, ideally using a
cosmetic brush, as the bristles tend to be smaller and softer, which won’t
irritate more sensitive skin types.  Apply an even layer of the lathered
up facial scrub across your face, making sure all its crevices and hard to
reach areas are covered.

Next, use a circular and gentle motion of the finger tips to massage the
scrub into your entire face.  This should take you a few minutes,
especially as you’ll want to pay extra attention to those harder to
exfoliate areas where blackheads and blemishes all too familiarly pop up.
Continue to slough away dead skin cells, grime and excess oil from your
face, making sure that the exfoliating beads remain evenly dispersed.

Once you’ve thoroughly exfoliated, take your two towels and rinse them
under hot water for a few seconds.  Scrunch one in each hand and gently
buffer them over your face to remove any remnants of facial scrub.  Rinse
them one more time and repeat this buffering action, which will help
regenerate and brighten your skin, as well as give you a more youthful

The Clean Shave

Right now, you have the option to clean shave if you wish.  This is not an
essential part to your at home facial, but seeing as your skin and stubble
will be soft and relaxed, you may want to take advantage.

Create a thick lather on your skin by mixing a shaving cream with your
chosen badger hair shaving brush, before completing gentle razor glides
towards your chin, whilst holding your skin taut.  The perfect shaving
cream for all skin types? ¬†That’s Vitaman’s Shave Creme also available
from MALESKIN for £22.00.

The Mask

After your facial buffering and shave, apply a face mask evenly across
your boat race, before letting it sink in for about 15 minutes.  The trick
here, is that you want to buffer your face mask off using your hot towels
or flannels, just before it gets to that crumbly stage, which usually
means it’s beginning to dry out your skin just that little too much.

A luxurious face mask like Polaar’s Skin Quenching Hydrating Mask is power
packed with purifying, moisturising and nourishing enzymes, as well as
antioxidant vitamins, which offer superior protection.  Pick this up from
MMUK MAN for £32.00.

Finish In Style

Once you’ve rinsed off your mask, run both towels under cold water, before
resting them in the same place as before on your face.  The instant hit of
cool will help close your pores and reignite your skin.

If you did decide to shave during this process, apply a light and cooling
after shave balm at this stage.

Once your skin is dry, dot a high-quality moisturiser around your face
(usually 6 or 7 pea size amounts).  Begin to massage your moisturiser in
an upward motion, which will leave it thoroughly hydrated, plumped and

You can even massage in an eye balm to your under eye contour, to continue
their own recovery towards a more youthful appearance.  The perfect
combination – MMUK MAN’s Anti-Age Moisturiser (¬£28.00 from MMUK) and
Recipe For Men’s Under Eye Gel (¬£27.00 from MALESKIN).