This isn’t the first subscription box I’ve featured on the blog, and something tells me it won’t be the last!

The latest I’ve being trying out is from Secret Scent Box.

If you’re anything like me and you change your fragrance quite regularly then this might be right up your street.

The Secret Scent Box essentially gives you three designer perfumes or colognes, direct to your door, for just £15 a month. Simple premise and quite reasonable – but is it really worth the money?


The Box

I realise, I am talking about a box here but please do bear with.

Delivered quickly,and packaged well. The Box didn’t actually fit into my letterbox as promised (but I think that’s more to do with my letterbox, not the package!) – anyway, it feels decent and obvious thought has gone into the design

On the Inside…

Contents laid out...
Contents laid out…

Well, there you have it. The three fragrances are neatly stowed within separate compartments. With cards giving a full breakdown of the fragrance, not quite Top Trumps, but I’ll take it.

Value for Money

So one thing these images don’t show is anything to compare the Box to. Without measuring precisely, it’s around 8cm². The fragrances themselves (although not reviewed in this blog post), smell 100% authentic (you’re not being fobbed off with this – they’re legit).

The fragrances are a little bigger than a tester from a shop, 3ml bottles to be precise. The maths is simple, 3x 3ml bottles, which have around 30-40 sprays per bottle. Based on 3-4 sprays a day, there should be enough to last you over the course of 30 days.

Let’s do some more maths:

With a Secret Scent Box, you’re getting 9ml for £15 which is £1.60 per ml

The average fragrance bottle I buy is around 50ml, and I’d be spending around £40 per bottle, this is 80p per ml.

In real terms, you’re paying more but you don’t have to go to the shop and there’s the luxury that it’s delivered to your door.

Like any delivery service, there is a premium (ask my local Chinese takeaway)…

What do you think? Would you use Secret Scent Box?