Big thanks to the guys over to Chanel who hooked me up with a pre-release bottle of this parfum version of Bleu de Chanel before launching on the 1st June 2018.

With the EdT and EdP already in circulation, I was looking forward to getting my nose wrapped around the typically stronger parfum and boy I wasn’t disappointed!

After trying it out for a couple of weeks before release, I’ve been able to put the scent through its paces.

The fantastically luxurious bottle and the magnetic cap are subtle and refined, as you’d expect from Chanel.

The scent itself has definite notes of citrus (probably why I’m a fan), with undertones of cedarwood and base notes of sandalwood, initial thoughts upon is that it’s dense and deep with a sharp citrus tang, this quickly becomes more earthly as time passes by.

Longevity with Bleu de Chanel Parfum definitely isn’t an issue, being typically stronger than the EdT and EdP, you’d hope for around 6 hours coverage but I’d give it around the 4-hour mark before starting to wane but it’s decent regardless.

The spray is available direct from Chanel with the 100ml bottle coming in at £106. If you were a fan of the previous incarnations of Bleu de Chanel then you’ll be a fan of this – but

I’d always recommend getting hold of a tester to make sure you’re happy with scent over the course of a day.