In a world where there’s more choice than ever in the men’s underwear department, it’s important to know what you should be looking for when picking your pants. I’ve teamed up with the guys over at Box Menswear to look at some key things when buying your boxers or briefs.

We’ll be looking at five key attributes to consider before you make the purchase, especially when investing in multipacks, you’re going to want sure you’re getting the most from these non-refundable garments! Let’s jump straight into it:


Personally, I’m a huge fan of the boxer brief but there’s more out there!

Briefs are perfect for those with larger thighs, whereas a loose fitting boxer maybe preferred by those looking for ultimate breathability. Where the boxer brief comes on top is that it’s the perfect balance between comfort and conformity.


When buying your own underwear, obviously keep in mind your personal preference but also consider what you’ll be doing whilst wearing them. You may find a different fit would suit going to the gym versus sitting at your desk for the most part of the day (i.e. a more supportive fit compared to a looser boxer).


Without a doubt, the fabric of choice when choosing underwear should be cotton, this gives the ultimate breathability and comfort.

Also keep in mind that in most instances your underwear will be made with microfibres, so be wary on how you care for your underwear. Refrain from using fabric softener as this will distort the fit, so it might be an idea to wash your undies on their lonesome.

Bulk Buying

The more frugal of us will be keen to save money when buying their underwear, I know for sure that I am. This is why buying multipacks makes so much sense. Take the Box Menswear three back of briefs for example, they’re £42 for three separately so take advantage of the discounts and get three for £29!

Size is Everything

With every piece of clothing from every manufacturer, the sizing will be slightly different no matter what you do, so be vigilant and keep an eye on the size charts before you buy. Want to be ultra sure they’ll fit, get yourself measured up in advance before you buy.