As we roll full steam ahead towards summer and the temperatures increase ever so slightly; I look at three grooming essentials you’ll need if you’re looking to staycay in the UK or heading abroad for some guaranteed sunshine.

1. Fish – Mini collection


For the lads looking to get abroad this summer but don’t want to take up precious luggage space with hair care, this triple threat from Fish Soho is perfect.

I’m a massive fan of the guys over at Fish and have been for over a decade; what they’ve done here is given us affordable bite-sized versions of their normal products which you can pick and choose from.

Take your pick from:

All cost £2.99 direct from the Fish website.

2. The Great British Grooming Co.


I’ve only recently heard of chaps over at The Great British Grooming Co. but my god I love their branding. It oozes premium in look, smell and quality but not in the price tag.

Depending on the mood I’m in I’ll either be at full beard strength or right down to stubble, I’ve only just not got my beard ‘mojo’ back to really put this stuff through its paces. There’s nothing worse than an itchy beard over the summer months, which makes this the perfect addition to your summer beard care regime.

The Beard Oil noticeably softens beard hair after only a week but it’s lightweight and doesn’t leave you feeling detached from your beard (the best way I can describe bad oils!).

When used with the Beard Wash and Beard Balm, you’re left with a stunning smelling beard which is more touchable and defined than ever before. Hints of cinnamon and amber will leave you getting compliments left, right and centre.

Prices start from £4.99.

3. Gruhme No. 14


Every summer I like to find a new fragrance; this will the become the scent of that summer and whenever I smell it again, I’m instantly transported back to those good times. So, when given the chance to try out Gruhme No. 14 – I jumped at the chance!

Gruhme No. 14 gets its name from the 14% concentration of ingredients from its predecessor, No. 10. Again, absolutely fantastic branding and quality, you know you’ve got a fantastic product in your hand just by holding it.

This woody yet spicy fragrance leaves it mark for the day as you, hints of lemon (yes my favourite) and bergamot can be extracted from what is, an absolutely top quality fragrance. At £45 for 100ml, it’s definitely worth a punt if you haven’t tried it before.


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