So here we are with the ultimate conundrum; a prude (me), blogging about men’s personal hygiene.

It turns out that Below the Belt Grooming have forced my hand so let’s take a look at it (not for the faint of heart).

OK, so it’s not that big of a deal – I guess it’s no different than blogging about Femfresh or similar. It’s just, not something I do on the day-to-day.

Behind the label

Founded upon the principles that men have always been ‘badly designed’ in the nether regions, plus with life now more hectic than ever before – shouldn’t there be products to help make men more comfortable?

Essentially, their main product ranges set off to: keep fresh, refresh and protect… Let’s take a look at this range in more detail:

Fresh and Dry Balls

Yes, that’s the name.

All joking aside, this stuff is for application after showering; sort of cream like consistency which smells nice…

After use, the gentle formula quickly becomes like a talc-like powder, apparently…

Instant Clean Balls

Again – does what it says on the tin.

Like a hand sanitiser, but for your bits. Apparently, it’s perfect for post-sports or after travelling to keep you fresh down under.

Smells great but hoping it’s not just covering smell and actually doing something about it.

Sports Lubricant

Now, something that has no innuendo or rude connotations and something we can all relate to, chafing.

This stuff has been perfect as I’ve been going through my recent fitness plan; starting as someone who isn’t very active – to active almost every day. As a more chunky guy, Below the Belt really have hit the mark with this.

As a more chunky guy, Below the Belt really have hit the mark with this.

It’s obviously easy to apply but best of all it makes a noticeable difference, especially when running,

Final thoughts

I think that the products here are ultimately a step in the right direction for male personal hygiene; I just fear the branding makes light of what genuinely are, well thought out products.