Bad hair days are the absolute bane of my life and there’s no one absolute cause for them.

I might wake up one day and my bedhead looks ready to rock and roll for the rest of the day, other days I’ll be struggling in front of the mirror trying all sorts of ways to get my hair to look right.

It could be that your hair products don’t suit your hair or your hair hasn’t been washed thoroughly enough. Worse still, you could be overdue a haircut and need to fork out to get it seen to.

But I’ve not even touched upon the days where you’re happy with your hair and then at some point it all goes absolutely pear shaped and it’s a mess.

Could be bad weather causing your hair to frizz or blow out of control. You can’t help mother nature and sometimes she gets the better of you.

Then there’s the ageing factor; grey hairs showing and a thinning hairline, are two things which ruin a decent hair style for me. Neither are too bad at the moment, but all it takes is for someone to say, “have a few greys coming through, Jay”, to get me feeling self-conscious.

What if I said there were ways to avoid bad hair days all together? Well, Dr Asim Shahmalak, featured hair loss expert from Embarrassing Bodies and founder of the Crown Clinic, reckons he has the answers to your bad hair day blues!

Tip #1

Eat food like eggs, fish and spinach to give hair the nutrients it needs to help grow and become stronger. Your hair could be screaming out for these things because a bad diet will cause your hair to become dry, brittle and lifeless! Expect to see results in 3-6 months after changing your diet for the better.

Tip #2

Avoid stress – stress affects your hormones, which results in poor-looking hair. An abundance of estrogen may help the growth and retention of hair, while too much testosterone can have the opposite effect (hence why more men experience hair loss).

Tip #3

A build-up of hair products – the ingredients in conditioners and styling products cling to our hair and do not get washed out during regular shampooing. It can make hair look straggly and limp. Find a shampoo that is specifically made for ridding the hair of this build-up.

Tip #4

Keratin is the protein that gives hair its structure. Humidity in the air makes the bonds inside that protein break apart causing hairs to swell up – making your hair frizzy. Even in winters months when the air turns dryer, your hair may still not co-operate.

Cold air, combined with dry heat in your home, can remove moisture from your hair, and leave it full of static. The key is to keep your locks trimmed and well conditioned with high-quality products.

Final thoughts

Dr Shahmalak finishes off by saying: “There are lots of simple ways to improve the health of your hair – the key is a good diet, limiting stress and not damaging your hair through over bleaching”.